My Life as a Dog?


Supposedly, this is how I would behave as an animal, based on my star sign. I am a fish, but some people say I'm more like a female dog. Grrrr....


-- Is extraordinarily gentle ---- Appears to sense owner's thoughts and feelings ---- Possesses something of a mystical quality ---- Is extremely affectionate ---- Would rather be inside than outside ---- Lovingly tolerates other pets within the household ---- Prefers not to engage in boisterous activities ---- Sleeps a great deal of the time –

Little Angus.JPG

My cat, Angus, is an Aries. If he were an animal, instead of a fur angel, here's how he'd behave... it's all true!

-- Possesses an enormous amount of energy ---- Prefers to be alone rather than associate with other animals ---- Very insistent on what is wanted and outwardly expresses same ---- Often hits or cuts head and/or gets burrs or thistles in head area ---- Often projects head forward and/or makes unnecessary motions with head ---- Does not always obey and/or is difficult to discipline ---- Bleeds easily ---- Has reddish hue to skin tone or fur which is not necessarily characteristic of species or breed ---- Enjoys fighting with other animals and is known to instigate confrontations ---- Has bitten owner more than once --

Take the quiz: "Based on your star sign, how would you act as an animal? (Great Pictures)"


Scruffy McDoglet is a Scorpio....

Scorpio does not fit Scruffy. Quiet? No! Still? Not... Though Scruffy is small for his breed.


-- Has very deep-set and penetrating eyes ---- Is usually quiet and still ---- Possesses a body which is relatively small for the species or breed ---- Often appears to analyze or observe situations without reacting ---- Rarely becomes angry, but can be vicious when the occasion arises ---- Is somewhat emotionally distant ---- Is extremely determined and cannot be diverted ---- Does not necessarily like the company of other animals ---- Is sometimes difficult to understand ---- Appears to be rather mysterious in character ---- Has a very intense and magnetic personality ---- Is very stubborn --

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