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There are quite a few weblogs that I enjoy - chief among them, of course - and then of course, and, two of the biggest time sucks ever!

Lately I've also been enjoying MollyGoLightly and Dr. Frank's What's-it, two intelligent sites by folks from the Bay Area. Both seem somewhat dismayed at the response of their fellow Bay Area liberals to the election:

From MollyGoLightly:
"I am definitely giving Fat Mike the finger. In the past year, he went from showing that not all punks are jerks, to being a mouthpiece for jerks. Message to Fat Mike: not everyone from the South is a fag-basher, just as not everyone in the record industry is a money-grubber, nor is every punk rock kid a waste of space. Maybe you regret saying what you did to the reporter. You blew it, man."

And from Dr. Frank's What's-it:
"Another thing I noticed is that, when discussing our Red State fellow-citizens, we Bay Areans tend to adopt this weird accent, part Jed Clampett, part Amos 'n' Andy, part Gomer Pyle, part Hee Haw, and part retard. We imagine the Red State People going around saying things like "I hates me sum libruls," and "I jes gots ta keel me sum Ay-rabs," and "hey, paw, looky here, Jebus done tole me the homos is evil." Maybe it really is like that, for all I know. If so, I can see why people find it so disturbing that there appear to be more of them than there are of us. No wonder our guy didn't win. Why can't we all be smart and good, and speak properly?"

You know, I knew there was a reason I just didn't like the Bay Area! Say what you will about Southern California (and believe me, they say a lot), some people just don't have a sense of humor. Dr. Frank's photo collage of post-election signs is also worth checking out.

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