The Musical Baton

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Ms. Jen passed the musical baton to me, so here goes...

Total volume of music files on my computer: I don't even know how to compute this, or why I would want to. I don't download music into my computer. I don't listen to music on my computer. I don't want to store music in my computer. I have compression issues. When my laptop plays vinyl, we'll talk.

Last CD I bought: Probably the three Scott Biram cds I bought at his shows, at the same time that I bought the Flametrick Subs album (although that was an older live recording). Before that, I bought the Anubian Lights cd while I was in Austin at SXSW. Although I don't buy a lot of cds because so many come to the station, I do have a short list of cds that I'm planning to buy at Amoeba as soon as I get the time. Those include: Shortstack (Planaria), The Avett Brothers Live Vol. 2 (Ramseur), and the Gene Autry double cd set (Columbia).

Song playing right now: Nothing right now. I listen to so much music at the station, that I frequently take a break at home. I also don't listen to the radio too much in the car. Talk radio upsets me, and the quality of music on the radios these days is horrific. That being said, the last thing I listened to in the car was a one-man-band cd that Wes gave me. It's great! but I can't remember the name of it!

Five songs I listen to a lot these days: I have a stack of cds that I am listening to for the station; the majority of these are crap, I'm telling you now. That's what drives me right back to the few songs that I can't do without:

1) Miss Peggy Lee - Fever (remix) - This is the most awesome techno remix of Peggy Lee's "Fever" ever! It gets me all happy driving in the car, doing housework, cleaning catboxes, whatever. Highly recommended.

2) Pink Martini - Never Stop Falling in Love - This is the most beautiful of songs with a lot of swirly harp music and full strings. I sing this song to my cat. It goes like this, "I know a falling star can't fall forever/ But let's never, stop falling in love." Very romantic.

3) Pink Martini - Hang on Little Tomato - I find this song inspirational. It was actually written from an old Heinz tomato ketchup ad, but I think of it in the most Christian sense, about Christ being the Vine, and His followers struggling to stay on the vine. The lyrics are about a little tomato that feels like he'll never be grown, but the song encourages him to hang on to the vine. Words to live by.

4) Anubian Lights - What a Bagdhad Had - This is a good song to work out to - techno mixed with Middle Eastern beats. Very cool and motivating.

5) The Staple Singers - Respect Yourself - I love this song and I play it when I feel a little down. It has an infectious groove that just gets you going, and really positive lyrics. Respect yourself.

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