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Playlist - July 30, 2006

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New Music:
Halden Wofford and the Hi Beams - Midnight Rodeo
Spencer Dickinson - The Man Who Lives for Love (Yep Roc)
Truly Lover Trio - Dance (Twinkletone)
Various Artists - The Pilgrim: A Celebration of Kris Kristofferson


The Twang:
Fly-Rite Boys - Straight-8 Boogie - Big Sandy Presents.... (HMG)
The Lively Ones - Wipeout - VA: Wild Surf! (Del-Fi)*
The Dynotones - Gear Grinder - VA: Mad Fabricators V.2 (Mad Society)*
Spencer Dickinson - Primitive - The Man Who Lives for Love (Yep Roc)*
Scott H. Biram - Only Jesus - Graveyard Shift (Bloodshot)*
Drag the River - Fire and Flood - It's Crazy (Suburban Home)*
Rose's Pawn Shop - Lone Rider - The Assassin
Old 97s - Barrier Reef (live) - Hit By a Train (Rhino)*
Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams - My Baby Hates Honky Tonks - Midnight Rodeo*
Marti Brom - Black Cadillac - Snake Ranch (Goofin')
Marti Brom - Great Shakin' Fever - Wise to You (Goofin')
Reverend Horton Heat - Bad Reputation
Arsen Roulette - Gone Crazy - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Rory Justice - Rock & Roll Flu - Rock & Roll Flu (Golly Gee)*
Janis Martin - Let's Elope Honey - The Female Elvis (Bear)
Smokestack Lightening - Ring of Fire - Soulbeat
Dale Watson - I Walk the Line - VA: Dressed in Black (Dualtone)
Waylon Jennings - Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line - Electric Rodeo (Universal)*
Shooter Jennings - Bad Magick - Electric Rodeo (Universal)*
Hayseed Dixie - Ace of Spades - Hot Piece of Grass (Cooking Vinyl)
Meat Purveyors - Don't You Want Me Baby - Someday Soon (Bloodshot)*
The Wilders - Squirrel Hunters - Throw Down (Rural Grit)*
Cari Lee - I'm Hoping that You're Hoping - Brought to You By Saddle-Ite (Star Tone)*
The Stumbleweeds - My Baby Just Walked Right Out on Me - Evil On Your Mind (Spinout)*
Wylie & the Wild West - Teardops in My Heart (Rounder)*
James Intveld - My Heart is Aching for You - James Intveld (Molenaart)
Dawn Shipley & the Sharp Shooters - Baby's Gone - Step it Up (Shot-o-Clock)*
Truly Lover Trio - Spring Fever - Dance! (Twinkletone)*
Fly-Rite Boys - Mary's Mood - Big Sandy Presents... (Hightone)
Caitlin Cary - Shallow Heart, Shallow Water - While You Weren't Looking (Yep Roc)
Paul Burch - I am Here - VA: No Depression V. 2 (Dualtone)*
Tim Easton - Back to the Pain - Ammunition (New West)*
Handsome Family - After We Shot the Grizzly - Last Days of Wonder (Carrot Top)*
Rodney Crowell - Come Sundown - VA: The Pilgrim - A Celebration of Kris Kristofferson (American Roots)*
Raul Malo - At Last - You're Only Lonely (Sanctuary)

Playlist - July 23, 2006

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New Music: Cari Lee & the Saddle-Ites - Brought to You by Saddle-Ite (Star Tone)

The Twang:
Ray Sharpe - That's the Way I Feel - VA: That'll Flat Git It V. 5 (Bear) 1958
Jimmy Heap - Sebbin' Come Elebbin - VA: That'll Flat Git It V. 3 (Bear) 1955
Johnny Dollar - Car Coat Baby - Mr. Acton Packed (Big D)
Levi Dexter - Dance to the Bop - VA: Turning the World Blue (Skizmatic)
Cari Lee & the Saddle-ites - From Monday On - Brought to you By Saddle-Ite (StarTone)*
The Stumbleweeds - Evil on Your Mind - Evil on Your Mind (Spinout)*
Arsen Roulette - Tonight Tonight - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Crazy Cavan - Wildest Cat in Town - Best of Crazy Cavan (Raucous)
Johnny Carroll - Crazy, Crazy Lovin' - VA: That'll Flat Git It V. 2 (Bear) 1956
Dawn Shipley - Thinkin' 'Bout Drinkin' - Step It Up (Shot-o-Clock)*
Smokey Joe - Hula Bop - VA: That'll Flat Git It V. 14 (Bear)
Sun Demons - B-I-Bickey-Bi Bo-Bo-Go - VA: Turning the World Blue (Skizmatic)
The Ditchdiggers - You Win Again - Cow Patty Bingo (Ditchdigger)
Cracker - Lonesome Johnny Blues - Kerosene Hat (Virgin)
Merle Jagger - Granny Takes a Trip - Rancho Los Angeles (LPG)*
Scott H. Biram - 18 Wheeler Fever - Graveyard Shift (Bloodshot)*
Diesel Doug & the Long Haul Truckers - 18 Wheels of Love - Mistakes were Made (Cornmeal)
Truckadelic - Truck Drivin' Man - Hey Y'all Watch This (Second Heaven)
Truckadelic - Truckin' Lovin' Man - Big in Mexico (Truckadelic)
Dale Watson - Big Wheels Keep Rollin' - The Truckin' Sessions (Koch)
Trucker Up - East Bound and Down - demo ep
Big Sandy - Hey Senorita - Dedicated to You (HMG)
The Chords - Sh-Boom - VA: Glory Days of Rock n' Roll (Time/Life)
The Swallows - Dearest - The Dawn of Doo Wop (Proper)
The Pastels - Been So Long - Shama Lama Ding Dong (Rhino)
Flametrick Subs - Dirty Ol' Egg Suckin' Dog - Voodoo Doo (Texas Lizard)*
Smokestack Lightning - Ring of Fire
Jonboy Langford and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Tennessee Flat-top Box - Explore the World of Johnny Cash (Bloodshot)
Gunter Gabriel - Dr Mann hinterm Pflug - The International Johnny Cash
Mann ohne Schmerzen: Big River - A Boy Named Sue: Johnny Cash Revisited
Johnny Cash - Fuego d' Amor
Merle Jagger - Ranch Party - Rancho Los Angeles (LPG)*
The Wilders - Honky Tonk Habit - Throw Down (Rural Grit)*
The Meat Purveyors - Hanged Man - Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse! (Bloodshot)*
Old 97s - Four Leaf Clover - Hit By a Train (Rhino)*
Shooter Jennings - Manifesto No. 2 - Electric Rodeo (Universal)*
The Derailers - Get 'Er Done - Soldiers of Love (Palo Duro)*
The Grassy Knoll Boys - See That My Grave is Kept Clean - Buck Eyed Rabbit
Greg Graffin - The Watchmaker's Dial - Cold as the Clay (Anti)*

Playlist - July 16, 2006

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The Twang:
Dusty 45s- Bumble Bee - Billy Vol 1 (HepCat)
Clarence Garlow- Route 90- Long Gone Daddies
Janis Martin - Drugstore Rock n' Roll - The Female Elvis (Bear)*
Arsen Roulette - Hop Up Honey - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Fly- Rite Boys - Straight - 8 Boogie - Big Sandy Presents (HMG)
James Intveld - Cryin' Over You - James Intveld (Molenaart)
Patty Booker - I Don't Need All That - I Don't Need All That (PMS)
Rosie Flores - Tear Me Up - Bandera Highway (Hightone)
Dawn Shipley - Thinkin' Bout Drinkin' - Step It Up (Shot-o-Clock)*
Marti Brom - Lovin' Bug Itch - Wise to You (Goofin')
Flametrick Subs - Haunted House - Vooodoo Doo (Texas Lizard)*
The Lively Ones - Misirlou - VA: Wild Surf! (Del-fi)*
The Blue Demons - Casbah - VA: Mad Fabricators V. 2 (Mad Society)*
Rezurex - Every Day is Halloween - Beyond the Grave (Cargo)*
The Swingers - Night Walk - VA: Las Vegas Grind V. 3 (Strip)
Scott H. Biram - Graveyard Shift - Graveyard Shift (Bloodshot)*
Drag the River - Amazing G. - It's Crazy (Suburban Home)*
The Meat Purveyors - Don't You Want Me Baby? - Someday Soon (Bloodshot)*
Old Crow Medicine Show - Fall On My Knees - Down Home Girl ep (Nettwerk)*
Rose's Pawn Shop - Funeral Pyre - The Arsonist (Rose's Pawn Shop)*
Yonder Mountain String Band - How Bout You? - Yonder Mountain(Vanguard)*
Sam Bush - Where There's a Road - Laps in Seven (Sugar Hill)*
Merle Jagger - Ranch Party - Rancho Los Angeles (LPJ)*
The Wilders - Drivin' Nails in My Coffin - Throw Down (Rural Grit)*
Bottle Rockets - Middle Man - Zoysia (Bloodshot)*
Drive By Truckers - Outfit - VA: No Depression V. 2 (Dualtone)*
Tim Easton - Back to the Pain - Ammunition (New West)*
Paul Burch - I Am Here - VA: No Depression V. 2 (Dualtone)*
Merle Jagger - Granny Takes a Trip - Rancho Los Angeles (LPJ)*
Old 97s - Stoned - Hit By A Train (Rhino)*
Old 97s - Cryin' Drunk - Hit By a Train (Rhino)*
The Blind Robins - Miss Limestone County - Panorama Valley (Rolling Blackout)*
Shooter Jennings - Electric Rodeo - Electric Rodeo (Universal)*
The Tallboys - Chilly Winds - Yeah Buddy*
Greg Graffin - California Cotton Fields - Cold as the Clay (Anti)*
Dave Knudsen - High as the Sun - The Weeping City (Boronda)*
Tammy Wynette - Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad

Playlist - July 9, 2006

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New Music:
Old 97s - Hit By a Train (Best Of)(Rhino)
Greg Graffin - Cold as the Clay (Anti)
The Meat Purveyors - Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse (Bloodshot)

The Twang:
Fly-Rite Boys - Rhapsody in Violet - Big Sandy Presents (HMG)
Jim Reeves - Welcome to My World
Janis Martin - Will You Willyum - The Female Elvis (Bear)*
Arson Roulette - Baby Likes to Rock n' Roll - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
The Chop Tops - It Won't Be Long - Always Wild (Rollin' Rock)
Wanda Jackson - Tryin' to Get to You - I Remember Elvis (Goldentone)*
The Lucky Stars - Stay Out Late - Stay Out Late with the Lucky Stars (Fate)
Lattie Moore - I'm Not Broke But I'm Badly Bent (West Side)
Charlie Adams - I'm a Railroad Daddy - Cattin' Around (Bear)
The Collins Kids - Hop, Skip and Jump - VA: Ain't I'm a Dog (Columbia)
Dawn Shipley - Little Miss Heartache - Step It Up (Shot-o-Clock)*
The Stumbleweeds - Doggone Thing - Evil on Your Mind (Spinout)*
Wylie and the Wild West - T for Texas - Total Yodel (Rounder)*
Moonlight Willie - George Set Me Strait 7" vinyl (Bloodshot)
Gurf Morlix - Were You Lying Down? - Cut n' Shoot (Blue Corn)
Old 97s - Lonely Holiday - Hit by a Train (Rhino)
Rose's Pawn Shop - Deep Red Clay - The Arsonist (Rosespawnshop.com)
Old Crow Medicine Show - James River Blues - Down Home Girl ep (Nettwerk)*
Chip Taylor / Carrie Rodriguez - Curves and Things - The Trouble with Humans (Lone Star)
Fred Eaglesmith - Mrs. Hank Williams - Milly's Cafe (self)*
The Handsome Family - All the Time in Airports - Last Days of Wonder (Carrot Top)*
Heavy Trash - Walking Bum - Heavy Trash (YepRoc)
Heavy Trash - Justine Alright - Heavy Trash (YepRoc)
The Derailers - Get 'er Done - Soldier of Love (Palo Duro)*
Merle Jagger - Ranch Party - Rancho Los Angeles (LPJ)
The Cowslingers - Mexican Blackbird - 7"
The Cowslingers - Roll On Big Mama - 7"
Cracker - Lonesome Johnny Blues - Kerosene Hat (Virgin)
Meat Purveyors - 666 Pack - Someday Soon (Bloodshot)*
The Wilders - It'll Never Be Thru With Us - Throw Down (Rural Grit)
Sam Bush - Bringing in the Georgia Mail - Laps in Seven (Sugar Hill)
Yonder Mountain String Band - How Bout You? - Yonder Mountain String Band (Vanguard)*
The Bottle Rockets - Mountain To Climb - Zoysia (Bloodshot)*
Greg Graffin - Little Sadie - Cold as the Clay (Anti)*
Dave Knudsen - Ready in My Time - The Weeping City (Boronda)*
Tim Easton - J.P.M.F.Y.F. - Ammunition (New West)*

Playlist - July 2, 2006

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New Music:
The Blind Robins - Panorama Valley (Rolling Blackout)
Old Crow Medicine Show - Down Home Girl ep (Nettwerk)
Dawn Shipley - Baby If I... (El Toro)

The Twang:
The Lonesome Drifter - No Loving No Rocking Blues - VA: Shreveport Steppers (RAM)
Dawn Shipley & the Sharp Shooters - Step It Up (Shot-o-Clock)*
The Stumbleweeds - The Trouble with Girls - Evil On Your Mind (Spinout)*
Johnny Dilks - Lose that Woman Blues - Acres of Heartache (HMG)
The Sleepwalkers - Mercury '49 - Can't Stop Rockin' (Relampago-go)
Slick Pelt - Dirty Deeds - Hell from the Hills (MMM...)
Three Bad Jacks - It's a Cadillac - Hellbound Train ep
Chicken Coupe De Ville - Screwed and Tattooed - Drinkin' Songs and Smokin' Guitars
Reverend Horton Heat - Wiggle Stick - Full Custom Gospel Sounds (SupPop)
Flametrick Subs - Stew of You - Voodoo Doo (Texas Lizard)*
Jeannie C. Riley - Harper Valley P.T.A.
Old 97s - Timebomb - Nothing to Attract You (ep)
Dale Watson - Sit and Drink and Cry - Whiskey or God (Palo Duro)
Dale Watson - Whiskey or God - Whiskey or God (Palo Duro)
Junior Brown - Gotta Get Up Every Morning - The Austin Experience
Tom T. Hall - I Like Beer - Greatest Hits vol. 2 (Mercury)
Merle Haggard - Stay Here and Drink
Conway Twitty / Loretta Lynn - You're the Reason Our Kids are Ugly
Merle Jagger - Ranch Party - Rancho Los Angeles (LPJ)*
Shooter Jennings - Manifesto No. 2 - Electric Rodeo (Universal)*
Scott H. Biram - Been Down too Long - Graveyard Shift (Bloodshot)*
Old Crow Medicine Show - Fall On My Knees - Down Home Girl ep (Nettwerk)*
Bottle Rockets - Happy Anniversary - Zoysia (Bloodshot)*
The Blind Robins - Cash and the Carters - Panorama Valley (Rolling Blackout)*
Fly-Rite Boys - Flyin' Rite - Big Sandy Presents.... (HMG)
Marti Brom - I Changed My Mind Jack w/Nick Curran - Wise To You! (Goofin')
Marti Brom - Black Cadillac - Snake Ranch (Goofin')
The Chop Tops - Get Outta the Car - Always Wild (Rollin' Rock)
Dawn Shipley - One Cup of Coffee - Baby If I.... (El Toro)*
The Dillengers - Sleepwalk - Instro-Mania (Favored Nations)
Miss Lauren Marie - A Heart that Isn't True - Introducing Miss Lauren Marie (Texas Jamboree)*
The Hot Shots - Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me - Wise Up, Watch Out (EccoFonic)
Light Crust Doughboys - Pussy, Pussy, Pussy - VA: Legends of Western Swing (Rhino)


This article appeared in the June 29th edition of the OC Weekly. Imagine my surprise when Wanda actually performed "Right or Wrong" (along with "Mean, Mean Man", "Fujiyama Mama" and "Riot" at the Hootenanny! I was melting, and not just from the heat!

Among the performers I’ve met—a stellar lot that includes Janice Martin, Larry Collins and Buck Owens—Wanda Jackson is the only one who actually had me shaking in my boots. Backstage at the Crazy Horse, I was sweating so bad and shaking so hard, I could barely speak. So when I started thinking about Wanda, I couldn’t stop: most folks are in the dark about what a phenomenal songwriter she was. At a time when squeaky-clean cupcake Kitty Wells was the standard for female country singers, Wanda stood out with her amazing vocal skills and raw sexual presence. In fact, music writer Nick Tosches once famously described Wanda Jackson as “the greatest menstruating rock & roll singer whom the world has ever known.” I don’t know if I’d put it quite that way, but I couldn’t agree more.

Here are 10 of my favorite Wanda Jackson songs:

1. “Wasted” (1955): Written by Wanda Jackson and her father, Tom Jackson. This is kind of a rare one; in fact, I didn’t know this was a Wanda Jackson song until the Stumbleweeds covered it, and I thought it was the best song I’d ever heard. Now I know why. This song should be more famous than it is.

2. “Fujiyama Mama” (1957): An Earl Burrows song recorded in 1957, this song languished until becoming a huge hit for Wanda in Japan late in 1958. When Wanda toured Japan, she was received with a red carpet and thousands of bowing fans. It’s still a scorcher live.

3. “Right or Wrong” (1960): This song has a Patsy Cline vibe to it, but it is pure Wanda. Recorded in 1960 and released with the B-side “Funnel of Love.”

4. “Funnel of Love” (1960): Vaguely suggestive and still hot 46 years later, Wanda’s sexy growling and Roy Clark’s amazing experimental guitar (yes, Hee Haw’s Roy Clark) make this track sound contemporary today. It’s no surprise that the Cramps wanted to partner with Wanda on this for her 2003 album of duets, Heart Trouble.

5. “I Gotta Know” (1956): An early Wanda song penned by Thelma Blackmon, this features a slow-fast-slow-fast rhythm that alternates between rockin’/tearful and country/rockabilly and allows her to demonstrate her powerful pipes and emotional range as she implores her boyfriend, “If our love’s the real thing/where is my wedding ring?” Guitar whiz Joe Maphis took the solos, while Buck Owens was the session guitarist.

6. “Riot in Cell Block #9” (1960): Wanda’s cover of Lieber-Stoller’s classic switches the setting to a women’s prison and makes earlier versions sound tame. This is always a treat live.

7. “Let’s Stop Kicking Our Hearts Around” (1961): Written by Wanda for Buck Owens, this was never a hit for Wanda but went to No. 8 for Owens in 1962. Owens, who was a session musician before he realized his own fame, played guitar on all Wanda’s major recordings from 1956 through 1958.

8. “This Should Go On Forever” (1961): A more mature Wanda sings this tear-jerker. She never does this one live, but it’s still one of my favorites.

9. “Mean, Mean Man” (1958): Written by Wanda after a suggestion from her father, this song chronicles the singer’s frustration with a “mean, mean man” who is never around, calls late for dates, arrives late, doesn’t kiss her, and is generally “low down.” I know this guy. And like Wanda, I love him all I can.

10. “Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad” (1956): I’m not sure whether I like this song more for its tune or its message, an instruction manual on how to infuriate your boyfriend by laughing in his face, flirting with strangers, and dating his friends. The carefree nature of this song may prove that Wanda was into girl power long before the Spice Girls.

DJ Wanda hosts Howdylicious! on KUCI-FM 88.9 every Sunday, 8-10 p.m. Visit www.kuci.org for more info.

Catch Wanda Jackson at the Hootenanny with Rev. Horton Heat, Tiger Army, Flogging Molly, Supersuckers, Horrorpops, the Living End, Chris Spedding & Robert Gordon (Reunion), Lee Rocker, Manic Hispanic, Big Sandy, James Intveld, Ricky Warwick, 3 Bad Jacks, Hellbound Hayride and Calavera. At Oak Canyon Ranch, 5305 E. Santiago Canyon, Irvine; www.ticketmaster.com or www.thehootenanny.com. Sat., noon. $35-$100. All ages.

Howdylicious! is a radio show broadcast by DJ Wanda on KUCI 88.9 FM, Sundays 8-10pm - featuring rockabilly, psychobilly, alt-country, and old time western music.

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