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Playlist - August 27, 2006

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The Twang:

Fly-Rite Boys - Rosetta (Carl Sonny Leyland vocals) - Big Sandy Presents... (HMG)
Wayne Hancock - Hoy, Hoy, Hoy - Swing Time (Bloodshot)
Big Sandy - Jake's Barber Shop
Janis Martin - Let's Elope Baby - The Female Elvis (Bear)
The Rumblejets - Cool Down, Baby - Cool Down, Baby (Spin Jet)*
Arsen Roulette - She Was My Baby - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Cari Lee - Throw a Little Wood on the Fire - Brought to You by Saddle-Ite (Star Tone)*
Wanda Jackson - You're Right, I'm Left, He's Gone - I Remember Elvis (Goldentone)*
Hank Snow - I'm Movin' On
Hank Williams - Honky Tonkin' - Heroes of Country Music v. 2 (Rhino)
The Ranch Girls - If you Don't Somebody Else Will - VA: Hard Headed Woman (Bloodshot)
Faron Young - If You Ain't Lovin' - VA: Heroes of Country Music v. 3 (Rhino)
The Derailers - Under Your Spell - VA: Happy Birthday, Buck (Texas Round Up)
George Jones/ Melba Montgomery - Feudin' & Fightin'
Smokestack Lightnin' - Run for Your Life - Soulbeat
The Rhythm Cats - Move Over Baby - VA: Home Grown Rockabilly (Nervous)
Halden Wofford & the Hi-Beams - Love Police - Midnight Rodeo
Red Stick Ramblers - Dinah - Bring It On Down
Red Stick Ramblers - You've Got the Right Key, But the Wrong Keyhole (Memphis)
Hot Club of Cowtown - There'll Be Some Changes Made - Tall Tales (Hightone)
White Ghost Shivers - Tell It To Me - Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
Reverend Horton Heat - Big D Boogie Woogie - Spend a Night in the Box (Interscope)
The Chop Tops - Roll On - Triple Dueces (Split 7)*
Red Devils - Tearin' My Hair Out - L.A. Rockabilly (Rhino)
Marti Brom - Snake Ranch - Snake Ranch (Goofin')
Wayne Hancock - Let's Have a Party - VA: Hard Headed Woman (Bloodshot)
Russell Scot - You're Gonna Miss My Lovin' - Going Back Home (Hootenanny) REQUEST
Dave Alvin - Rockin' Lafayette - L.A. Rockabilly (Rhino)
Old Crow Medicine Show - Minglewood Blues - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)*
The Meat Purveyors - Hot Blooded - Someday Soon ... (Bloodshot)*
Strummin' with the Devil - Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love - The Southern Side of Van Halen (CMH)
Jim and Jennie - Who's Your Daddy Little Girl? - One More in the Cabin (Overcoat)
Merle Jagger - Possom Trot - Rancho Los Angeles (LPJ)*
The Hollisters - Walk 'Em Off - Sweet Inspiration (Hightone)
Paul Burch - Daddy Rhythm Guitar - East to West (Bloodshot)*
The DiMaggio Brothers - Hey Porter - VA: Train of Love (Johnny Cash tribute)*
Dave Insley - Open Road - Here with You Tonight (dir)*
Merle Haggard - Anniversary Blue Yodel - the peer sessions (Audium)
Wailin' Jennys - The Devil's Paintbrush - Firecracker (Red House)*
Old 97s - Rollerskate Skinny - Hit By a Train (Rhino)*
Merle Jagger - Ranchero - Rancho Los Angeles (LPJ)*
Chicken Coupe deVille - Hog Wild
The Paladins - Double Datin' - L.A. Rockabilly (Rhino)
The Meteors - Crazy Love - VA: Home Grown Rockabilly (Nervous)
The Crank-Tones - Tell Your Story Walkin' - Vibrate with... (Rhubarb)
The Polecats - Rockin' All Nite - VA: Home Grown Rockabilly (Nervous)

Playlist - August 20, 2006


Tonight! Rose's Pawn Shop on Howdylicious!:


The Twang:
Fly-Rite Boys - Straight-8 Boogie - Big Sandy Presents... (HMG)
Ramblin' James - Brown Eyed Sweet - Burn One Down (Buckshot)
Buddy Shaw - Don't Sweep that Dirt on Me - VA: Rarest Rockabilly (Ace)
Dickie Garland - Shake Bop - VA: Teenage Wolfpack (Buffalo Bop)
Valley Serenaders - White Lightning - VA: Rhythm & Booze (Buffalo Bop)
Camaros - Right Now I Hate You - Right Now I Hate You (Stupid)
The Chop Tops - Bloodstains - Triple Deuces (Split 7)*
The Roughnecks - Don't Ask Me Why - Crash (Bloodshot)
The Atomic Men - Do the Atomic Stomp - Bomb Shelter Boogie
The Flametrick Subs - I Can't Find My Mind - Something in Japanese (Texas Lizard)
The Motorpsychos - Bullet for a Bad Man - The Desperate Deeds of Ringo (One Million Records)
The Chop Tops - Triple Deuces - Triple Deuces (Split 7)*
Wayne Hancock - Let's Have a Party - VA: Hard Headed Woman (Bloodshot)
Marti Brom - Eat My Words - Snake Ranch (Goofin')
Janis Martin - Ooby Dooby - The Female Elvis (Bear)*
Wanda Jackson - Trying to Get to You - I Remember Elvis (Goldentone)*
Arsen Roulette - 7 Lonely Nites, Days (Demo) - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Roger Wallace - Don't Nobody Love Me - Hillbilly Heights (Texas Round-Up)
Jeff Bright - She's a Nail in My Heart - She's a Nail in My Heart (Rogue)
Paul Burch - John Peel - East to West (Bloodhot)*
Old Crow Medicine Show - New Virginia Creeper - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)*
The Avett Brothers - Matrimony - Four Theives Gone (Ramseur)
The Wailing Jennys - Things That You Know - Firecracker (Red House)*
Carrie Rodriguez/Chip Taylor - Keep Your Hat on Jenny - Red Dog Tracks (Train Wreck)
The Meat Purveyors - Fist City - Someday Soon... (Bloodshot)*
Dave Insley - Open Road - Here With You (Dir)*
Merle Jagger - Granny Takes a Trip - Rancho Los Angeles (LPJ)*
Dale Watson - My Heart Belongs to You - Whiskey or God (Palo Duro)
David Lee Roth - Jump - Strummin' With the Devil
Tim O'Brien - Walkin' Boss - Cornbread Nation (Sugar Hill) request



Playlist - August 13, 2006

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New Music:
Riley Baugus - Long Steel Rail (Sugar Hill)
Paul Burch - East to West (Bloodshot)
The Chop Tops Triple Deuces (Split 7)
Tony Gilkyson - Goodbye Guitar (Rolling Sea)
Old Crow Medicine Show - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)
The Rumblejetts Cool Down Baby! (SpinJet)
Dawn Shipley - Baby if I... (El Toro)
The Wailin' Jennys - Firecracker (Red House)
Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams - Midight Rodeo

The Twang:
The Chop Tops - My Curse - Triple Deuces (Split 7)*
The Rumblejetts - American Girl - Cool Down Baby! (SpinJet)*
Reverend Horton Heat - Get Rhythm - VA: Dressed in Black (Dualtone)
Wayne Hancock - Let's Have a Party - Hard Headed Woman (Bloodshot)
Wanda Jackson - Good Rockin' Tonight - I Remember Elvis (Goldentone)*
Dawn Shipley - Bear with Me Baby - Baby if I... (El Toro)*
Arsen Roulette - Boppin' Lil Baby - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Fly-Rite Boys - Straight-8 Boogie -
Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams - Don't Care If I Do - Midight Rodeo (Insensable Frog)*
Cari Lee - It's Alright By Me - Brought to You Be Saddle-Ite (Star Tone)*
Sonny James - Uh Uh Mmm - Capitol Rockabilly Party Vol. 2 (Disky)
Bob & Lucille - Eeny-Meeny Miney Mo - VA: King Rockabilly (Ace)
Donnie White - Your Kind of Lovin' - VA: King Rockabilly (Ace)
Paul Burch - When I'm In Love - East to West (Bloodshot)*
Tony Gilkyson - Old Cracked Looking Glass - Goodbye Guitar (Rolling Sea)*
Slaid Cleaves - Broke Down - Broke Down (Philo)
Caitlin Cary w/Ryan Adams - The Battle - VA: No Depression (Dualtone)*
Old 97s - Cryin' Drunk - Hit By a Train (Rhino)*
Grey DeLisle - Who Made You King - Iron Flowers (Sugar Hill)*
Leslie Satcher - Ode to Billie Joe - Love Letters (Warner)
Wylie & the Wild West - Waitin' for a Train - Total Yodel (Rounder)
The Wailin' Jennys - The Devil's Paintbrush Road - Firecracker (Red House)*
Tim O'Brien - Train on the Island - Fiddler's Green (Sugar Hill)
Tim O'Brien - Cornbread Nation - Cornbread Nation (Sugar Hill)
Riley Baugus - Sail Away Ladies - Long Steel Rail (Sugar Hill)
Riley Baugus - Boll Weevil - Long Steel Rail (Sugar Hill)*
Old Crow Medicine Show - Cocaine Habit - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)*
The Louvin Brothers - While You're Cheating on Me - Close Harmony (Bear)
Meat Purveyors - Liquor Store - Someday Soon... (Bloodshot)*
Scott Biram - Only Jesus - Graveyard Shift (Bloodshot)*
Del McCoury Band - Five Flat Rocks - The Promised Land (McCoury)*
Dave Insley - South of the Border (w/Rosie Flores) - Here With You Tonight (DIR)*

Perhaps you're aware that Kirk Rundstrom from Split Lip Rayfield was diagnosed with esophageal cancer earlier this year. You can read an update about Kirk and SLR at Bloodshot Records' website.

The good news: Final tour dates have been announced.
The bad news: The furthest West they will be traveling is Colorado. I am saving all my pennies for a trip to see them. This may be the last time (I don't want to believe it), so make it count.

Playlist - August 6, 2006

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New Music:
Grey de Lisle - Iron Flowers (Sugar Hill)
Dave Insley - Here With You Tonight (DIR)

Save the Date:
Saturday 8/26/06 Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Boys Safari Sam's Hollywood, CA
Tuesday 9/12/06 Legendary Shack Shakers w/The Scotchgreens Knitting Factory
Sat 8/26/06 Scott H. Biram The Zombie Lounge
Southern Culture on the Skids

The Twang:
The Intimidators - Eightball
Dusty 45s - Blistering Sky - Devil Takes His Turn
Frantic Flattops - Teenage Partner - VA: Turning the World Blue (Skizmatic)
Wanda Jackson - Trying to Get to You - I Remember Elvis (Goldentone)*
Arsen Roulette - Lonely Blue Teardrops - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
The Haywoods - Waitin' On You - Drinkin', Cryin' & Moanin' (Wormtone)
Fly-Rite Boys - Straight-8 Boogie - Big Sandy Presents.... (HMG)
Cari Lee - Throw a Little Wood on the Fire - Brought to You Via Saddle-ite (Star Tone)*
Jean Shepard - Jeopardy - That'll Flat Git It vol. 3 (Bear)
Red Devils - Tearin' My Hair Out - VA: L.A. Rockabilly (Rhino)
Tim Polecat - Catman - VA: Turning the World Blue (Skizmatic)
Billy Zoom - Crazy, Crazy Lovin - VA: L.A. Rockabilly (Rhino)
Reverend Horton Heat - Sue Jack Daniels - Spend a Night in the Box (Time Bomb)
Jimmy Heap - Go Ahead On - VA: Capitol Rockabilly Party vol. 2 (Disky)
Collins Kids - Party - VA: Ain't I'm a Dog (Columbia)
Jerry Reed - When I Found You - VA: That'll Flat Git It vol. 3 (Bear)
Gene Vincent - Crazy Legs - Bluejean Bop! (Capitol)
Greg Graffin - Little Sadie - Cold as the Clay (Anti)*
Cracker - Sweet Potato - Kerosene Hat (Virgin)
Drag the River - Leavin' in the Morning - It's Crazy (Suburban Home)*
Johnny Cash - Viel zu spat - The International Johnny Cash
Old 97s - Stoned - Hit By a Train (Rhino)*
Whiskeytown - Don't Be Sad - Pneumonia (Lost Highway)
Gretchen Wilson - Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down - VA: The Pilgrim (American Roots)*
Grey De Lisle - Bohemian Rhapsody - Iron Flower (Sugar Hill)*
Old Crow Medicine Show - God's Got It - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)*
Scott Biram - Only Jesus - Graveyard Shift (Bloodshot)*
Julie Miller - I Can't Cry Hard Enough - VA: NO Depression vol. 2 (Dualtone)*
The Meat Purveyors - Hanged Man - Someday Soon (Bloodshot)*
The Blind Robins - Cash and the Carters - Panorama Valley
Dale Watson - Whiskey or God - Whiskey or God (Palo Duro)*
Dale Watson - My Heart Is Yours - Whiskey or God (Palo Duro)*
Wylie and the Wild West - When the Cactus is in Bloom - Total Yodel (Rounder)
Merle Jagger - Ranchero - Rancho Los Angeles (LPJ)*

Howdylicious! is a radio show broadcast by DJ Wanda on KUCI 88.9 FM, Sundays 8-10pm - featuring rockabilly, psychobilly, alt-country, and old time western music.

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