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Playlist - October 29, 2006

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The Twang:
The Fly-Rite Boys - Flyin' Rite - Big Sandy Presents... (Hightone)
Robert Mitchum - You Deserve Each Other - That Man (Bear) 1967
Robert Mitchum - Ballad of Thunder Road - That Man (Bear) 1967
Lonesome Spurs - Big Wheel - Lonesome Spurs (Cleopatra)*
Wylie and the Wild West - T for Texas - Total Yodel (Rounder)*
Trent Summar - Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (Palo Duro)*
Jim Lauderdale - Honky Tonk Mood Again - Country Super Hits (Yep Roc)*
Trent Summar - Love You(Palo Duro)*
Big Sandy - Love that Man - Turntable Matinee (Yep Roc)*
High Noon - My Little Thrill - Stranger Things (Watermelon)
Wayne Hancock - Goin' Home Blues - Tulsa (Bloodshot)*
Janis Martin - Cry Guitar - The Female Elvis (Bear)
Rory Justice - I Like to Go - Rock n' Roll Flu (Golly Gee)*
Arsen Roulette - Gone Crazy - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Roger Miller - Chug-a-Lug - Best of Roger Miller (Curb) REQUEST
Dave Insley - God Loves the Working Man - Here with You Tonight (DIR)*
Fred Eaglesmith - 18 Wheels - Milly's Cafe
Paul Burch - Before the Bells - East to West (Bloodshot)*
Hem - He Came to Meet Me - Funnel Cloud (Nettwerk)*
Wailin' Jennies - Glory Bound - Firecracker (Red House)*
The Meat Purveyors - Hanged Man - Someday Soon... (Bloodshot)*
The Meat Purveyors - Hot Blooded - Someday Soon... (Bloodshot)*
Hayseed Dixie - Ace of Spades - A hot Piece of Grass (Cooking Vinyl)
Hayseed Dixie - Dirty Deeds - Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC (Dualtone)
Iron Horse - Ain't Talkin' Bout Love - VA: Strummin' with the Devil (CMH)
David Grisman - Hot for Teacher - VA: Strummin' with the Devil (CMH)
Moonshine Willy - You're the Reason Our Kids are Ugly - Pecadores (Bloodshot)
Moonshine Willy - Too Tired to Live - Pecdadores (Bloodshot)
Old Crow Medicine Show - Down Home Girl - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)*
Halden Wofford & the Hi-Tones - Don't Care if I Do - Midnight Rodeo*
Scott H. Biram - Real Cocaine Blues - Lo-fi Mojo (Knuckle Sandwich)

Playlist - October 22, 2006

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The Twang
Fly-Rite Boys - Straight-8 Boogie - Big Sandy Presents... (Hightone)
Merle Jagger - In Through the Out Take - Rancho Deluxe (LPJ)
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - This is How We Do Things in the Country - The Bloody Tenent Truth Peace (Alternative Tentacles)
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Mother's Daughter - Always Say Please and Thank You (Alternative Tentacles)
Split Lip Rayfield - A Little More Cocaine Please - Should Have Seen It Coming (Bloodshot)
Old Crow Medicine Show - Cocaine Habit - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)*
Riley Baugus - Sail Away Ladies - Long Steel Rail (Sugar Hill)*
Rose's Pawn Shop - Lone Rider - The Arsonist
Jim Lauderdale - Who's Leaving Who - Bluegrass (Yep Roc)*
Wayne Hancock - Shootin' Star from Texas - Tulsa (Bloodshot)*
Big Sandy - Lonesome Dollar - Turntable Matinee (Yep Roc)*
Fly-Rite Boys - Mary's Mood - Big Sandy Presents... (Hightone)
Dexter Romweber - Man Walks In - Blues that Defy My Soul (Yep Roc)
The Sadies - The Continental - Tales of the Rat Fink (Yep Roc)*
Deadbolt - Down in the Lab - Best of Deadbolt (Cargo)
Flametrick Subs - What Makes a Good Girl Go Bad? - Something in Japanese (Texas Lizard)
The Chop Tops - Backstage Queenie - Triple Deuces (Split 7)*
Arsen Roulette - Gone Crazy - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
The Sadies - The Borderline - Tales of the Rat Fink (Yep Roc)*
The Sadies - The Hide Out - Tales of the Rat Fink (Yep Roc)*
James Hand - In the Corner, at the Table, By the Jukebox - Evil Things (Cold Springs)
The Country Rockers - Rockin' Daddy - Free Range Chicken (Telstar)
Joe Poovey - Ten Long Fingers - Greatest Grooves (Dragon Street)
The Crank-Tones - Blue Moon Baby - Vibrate with... (Rhubarb)
Smith's Ranch Boys - All or Nothing Man - More Barnyard Favorites (Summertone)
Tennesee Ernie Ford - Hey Good Lookin' - Ultimate Tennessee Ernie Ford (Razor & Tie)
Jimmy Wyble - Takin' My Time - VA: Shuffletown (WestSide) 1946
Wayne Hancock - Tulsa - Tulsa (Bloodshot)*
Wayne Hancock/Hank III - Juke Joint Jumping - VA: For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)
Fly-Rite Boys - Flyin' Rite - Big Sandy Presents... (Hightone)
The Knitters - Dry River - The Modern Sounds Of... (Zoe)
Jim Lauderdale - Single Standard Time - Country Super Hits (Yep Roc)*
Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez - Must Be the Whiskey - Red Dog Tracks (Train Wreck) REQUEST
Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez - Don't Speak In English - the trouble with humans (Train Wreck) REQUEST
Caitlin Cary - Please Take the Devil Out of Me - VA: Down to the Promised Land (Bloodshot)
Trent Summar - He Stopped Loving Her Today - Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (Palo Duro)*
Slick Pelt - Dirty Deeds - Hell From the Hills (MMM)
Scott Biram - Blood, Sweat and Murder - VA: For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)
The Bottle Rockets - A Living Hell - VA: For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)

Playlist - October 16, 2006

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New Music:
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The Lonesome Spurs
Trent Summar & the New Row Mob - Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (Palo Duro)
Whiskey & Co. - Leaving the Night Life (No Idea)

The Twang:
The Fly-Rite Boys - Straight-8 Boogie - Big Sandy Presents... (Hightone)
The Derailers - Soldier of Love - Soldier of Love (Palo Duro)
Roger Wallace - So Long (Be Gone) - The Lowdown (Lone Star)
Jim Lauderdale - Honky Tonk Mood Again - Country Super Hits (Yep Roc)*
Trent Summar - She Knows What to Do - Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (Palo Duro)*
Roger Wallace - Stranger Pickin' - The Lowdown (Lone Star)
Arsen Roulette - Gone Crazy - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Janis Martin - Barefoot Baby - The Female Elvis (Bear)*
The Chop Tops - Teddy Boy Stomp - Triple Deuces (Split 7)*
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - You Don't Know Me at All - Turntable Matinee (Yep Roc)*
Lattie Moore - I'm Not Broke But I'm Badly Bent (West Side)
The Red Devils - Tearin' My Hair Out - VA: L.A. Rockabilly (Rhino)
Rory Justice - Let's Bop - Rock & Roll Flu (Golly Gee)*
Carolyn Mark & The Room-Mates - Hot Dog, That Made Him Mad - VA: Hard Headed Woman (Bloodshot)
The Lonesome Spurs - Ride Straddle Saloon - The Lonesome Spurs*
Moonshine Willy - Jackson - Pecadores (Bloodshot)
Jerry Reed - She Got the Gold Mine - The Essential Jerry Reed (RCA)
The Sadies - The Cheat - Live in Concert Vol. 1 (Yep Roc)*
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - 32 Mouths Gone Dry - The Bloody Tenent Truth Peace (Alternative Tentacles)
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - My Goodness Me - Slim Cessna's Auto Club (Alternative Tentacles)
Sixteen Horsepower - Scrawled in Sap - Olden (Jetset)
Neko Case - Blacklisted - The Tigers Have Spoken (Anti)
Ramsay Midwood - Mohawk River - Shoot Out at the OK Chinese Restaurant (Vanguard)
The Sadies - Lay Down Your Arms - In Concert Vol. 1 (Yep Roc)*
Old Crow Medicine Show - James River Blues - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)*
Jim Lauderdale - There Goes Bessie Brown - Bluegrass (Yep Roc)*
David Lee Roth - Jamie's Cryin' - VA: Strummin' With the Devil (CMH)
David Lee Roth - Jump - VA: Strummin' With the Devil (CMH)
Riley Baugus - Long Steel Rail - Long Steel Rail (Sugar Hill)*
Caitlin Cary / Thad Cockrell - Something Less than Something More - Begonias (Yep Roc)
Whiskeytown - The Rain Won't Help You when It's Over - In Your Wildest Dreams ep (Outpost)
Whiskey & Co. - Nightlife - Leaving the Nightlife (No Idea)*
Wayne Hancock - Tulsa - Tulsa (Bloodshot)*

Playlist - October 8, 2006

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New Music:
The Sadies - Tales of the Rat Fink (Yep Roc)
Rube Waddell - Greatest Hits

The Twang:
Biller & Wakefield - George's Bad Day - The Hot Guitars of ... (HMG)
Sons of the Pioneers - Rainbow Over the Range - Symphonies of the Sage (Soundies)
Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers - When You're Smiling - Heroes of Country Music (Rhino) 1938
Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers - It Makes No Difference Now - Heroes of Country Music (Rhino) 1938
Billy Jack Wills - Troubles - Heroes of Country Music (Rhino) 1956
Jimmy Widener - I Hear You Knockin' - VA: Shuffletown (Westside) 1945
Wylie & the Wild West - When the Cactus is in Bloom - Total Yodel (Rounder)*
Wayne Hancock - Tulsa - Tulsa (Bloodshot)*
Jean Shepard - Two Whoops and a Holler - VA: Hillbilly Music vol. 1 (Capitol)
West Coast Pinups - Bootheel Express - Woman's Work (Hard Eight)
The Spanic Boys - Long Gone Daddy - Early Spanic Boys (Rounder)
Biller & Wakefield - Them There Shoes - The Hot Guitars of ... (HMG)
Jim Lauderdale - Mighty Lonesome - Bluegrass (YepRoc)*
Split Lip Rayfield - Thief - Never Make it Home (Bloodshot)
Old Crow Medicine Show - Don't Ride That Horse - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)*
Onion Creek Crawdaddies - Another Bourbon - Barn Burners & Bathtub Bourbon (Yubbies)
Hank Williams Sr. - First Year Blues - Alone With His Guitar (Mercury)
Hank Williams III - Broke, Lovesick & Driftin' - Lovesick, Broke & Dritfin (Curb)
Hank Williams Jr. - If the Good Lord's Willin - Almeria Club (Curb)
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - Spanish Dagger - Turntable Matinee (Yep Roc)*
The Roy Kay Trio - She Tracked Me Down - Rock-A-Way Lonesome Moon (LurLiner)
Cari Lee - Throw a Little Wood On the Fire - Brought To You via Saddle-Ite (Star Tone)*
Halden Wofford - My Baby Hates Honky Tonks - Midnight Rodeo
Rube Waddell - Tamale Lady - Greatest Hits*
Southern Culture on the Skids - Eight Piece Box - Too Much Pork for Just One Fork (Moist)
Webb Wilder - Devil's Right Hand - It Came From Nashville (Landslide)
Paul Burch - I Will Wait for You - East to West (Bloodshot)*
Wailin' Jennys - The Devil's Paintbrush Road - Firecracker (Factor)*
Old 97s - Doreen - Hit By a Train (Rhino)*
Grey De Lisle - Inside Texas - Iron Flowers (Sugar Hill)
Fred Eaglesmith - Mrs. Hank Williams - Milly's Cafe
Jim Lauderdale - I Met Jesus in a Bar - Country Super Hits (Yep Roc)*
The Meat Purveyors - Don't You Want Me Baby - Someday Soon ... (Bloodshot)*

Playlist - October 1, 2006

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New Music:
Hem - Funnel Cloud (Nettwerk)
Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands - Golden West (Hightone)
James McMurtry - Childish Things (Compadre)
Rick Brockner - Black Mountain Brew (Refined)

The Twang:
Biller & Wakefield - George's Bad Day - The Hot Guitars of... (HMG)
Arsen Roulette - All Through the Nite - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Arsen Roulette - Gone Crazy - - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Rory Justice - I'm Not So Nice - Rock & Roll Flu (Golly Gee)*
Johnny Key - Keep My Big Wheels Turnin' - VA: Home Grown Rockabilly (Nervous)
Janis Martin - Little Bit - The Female Elvis (Bear)*
The Chop Tops - Teddy Boy Stomp - Triple Deuces (Split 7)*
The Flametrick Subs - Buzz Bomb Baby - Something In Japanese (Texas Lizard)
Cave Catt Sammy - Baby Back it Up - Comin' On Strong (Big Bellied)
Cari Lee - Keep Me Company - Brought To You By Saddle-Ite (Star Tone)*
Wayne Hancock - Let's Have a Party - VA: Hard Headed Woman (Bloodshot)
Wanda Jackson - Money, Honey - Wanda Jackson (Capitol)
Wayne Hancock - Goin' to Texas When I'm Through - Tulsa (Bloodshot)*
Marti Brom - Jeopardy - Snake Ranch (Goofin')
Marti Brom - You Put It There - Snake Ranch (Goofin')
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys - Power of the 45 (Pt. 1) (Yep Roc)*
Gene Vincent and Ronnie Dawson - Hey Mama - VA: Kicksville v. 4 (Norton)
Jimmie Widener - You Can Stay at Home - VA: Shuffletown 1946 (Westside)
Sadies - Rat Creek - In Concert vol. 1 (Yep Roc)*
James McMurtry - Childish Things - Childish Things (Compadre)*
James McMurtry - Dry River - Saint Mary of the Woods (Sugar Hill)
Interview with James McMcMurtry - 10/01/06

*James McMurtry will be appearing at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano this Friday, October 6, 2006 and in Hollywood at Safari Sam's on Saturday, October 7, 2006.

James McMurtry - Bad Enough - Childish Things (Compadre)*
Buddy Miller - Wild Card - Midnight and Lonesome (Hightone)
Paul Burch - I'm Takin' It Home - East to West (Bloodshot)
Bill Chambers - Big Ass Garage Sale - Sleeping With the Blues (Reckless)
Steve Earle - Guitar Town - Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator (Live) REQUEST
Rick Bruckner - Along Time - Black Mountain Brew (Refined)*
Hem - Not California - Funnel Cloud (Nettwerk)*
Wayne Hancock - Tulsa - Tulsa (Bloodshot)*

Interview with James McMurtry

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Sunday, October 1, I'll be interviewing James McMurtry, Americana Music Award-winning singer/songwriter and musician. Congratulations to James for winning Album of the Year for Childish Things and Song of the Year for "We Can't Make it Here". Please tune in for what's sure to be an interesting conversation!

James McMurtry will be appearing at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano this Friday, October 6 and at Safari Sam's in Hollywood on Saturday, October 7.

Howdylicious! is a radio show broadcast by DJ Wanda on KUCI 88.9 FM, Sundays 8-10pm - featuring rockabilly, psychobilly, alt-country, and old time western music.

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