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I'll be out of town on December 3, but I have some very special programming lined up for you:


On December 3, I'll be broadcasting the Ranch Party Radio Show, featuring live performances by James Intveld, I See Hawks in L.A. and Merle Jagger.


In the second hour, we'll have a Johnny Cash Radio Special from the award-winning four-part series Johnny Cash: The Legend featuring John Carter Cash, Roseanne Cash, Marty Sutart, Cowboy Jack Clement, journalist Anthony DeCurtis, biographer Patrick Carr and narrated by Rodney Crowell. This one-hour intensive documentary explores Johnny Cash's Personal File home recording archive that served as a template for Cash's American Recordings sessions with Rick Rubin that started in the mid-90s. I know you'll enjoy these!

On December 10, please join me at the Juke Joint in Anaheim, where I'll be dj'ing live from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., playing all the OLD STUFF that you love! Also appearing will be:

Skeeter Truck
Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band
A bunch of other bands!

Don't miss it!

The Juke Joint
735 N Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805
(714) 778-1397

Upcoming Show Dates

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Dec. 16, 2006 - Big Sandy - Elks Club, Van Nuys, CA


Dec. 01, 2006 - Wayne Hancock - Safari Sam's, Hollywood, CA

Playlist - November 26, 2006

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New Music:
Johnny Paycheck - 20 Greatest Hits (Deluxe)
VA: That'll Flat Git It Vol. 4 (Bear)
VA: Trouble Doll (Buffalo Bop)

The Twang:
Fly-Rite Boys - Straight-8 Boogie - Big Sandy Presents ... (Hightone)
Hot Club of Cowtown - Fuli Tschai - Four Dead Batteries (Hightone)
Jesse Dayton - Jesus Pick Me Up - Country Soul Brother (Stag)
1100 Springs - Hank Williams Wouldn't Make it Now In Nashville Tennessee - Bandwagon (Palo Duro)
Junior Brown - Highway Patrol - Guit With It (Curb)
Jim Reeves - Welcome to My World
Blaze Foley - Picture Cards - Cold, Cold World (Lost Art)*
Big Sandy - Power of the 45 - Turntable Matinee (Yep Roc)*
Rip Carson - 2 Timin' Woman - Rip Carson and the Twilight Trio (Rollin' Rock)
Link Davis - Slippin' and Sliding - VA: Rockabilly Shakeout (Ace)
Joe Penny - Bip a Little, Bop a Lot - VA: King Rockabilly (Ace)
Jimmy Stayton - You're Gonna Treat Me Right - VA: Teenage Wolfpack (Buffalo Bop)
Fly-Rite Boys - Wizard's Dust - Big Sandy Presents ... (Hightone)
Wayne Hancock - Back Home - Tulsa (Bloodshot)*
Trent Summar - He Stopped Loving Her Today - Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (Palo Duro)* George Jones
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Jolene - Love their Country (Fat)* Dolly Parton
Country Teasers - Stand By Your Man - Country Teasers (Crypt) Tammy Wynette
Andre Williams - Pardon Me (I've Got Someone to Kill) - Red Dirt (Bloodshot) Johnny Paycheck
Johnny Paycheck - Take This Job and Shove It - 20 Greatest Hits (Deluxe)*
Dave Alvin - 11 Months and 29 Days - VA: Touch My Heart (Sugar Hill)
Jim Lauderdale - Single Standard Time - Country Super Hits (Yep Roc)*
Buck Owens - Second Fiddle - VA: Hillbilly Fever (Rhino)
Laurie Lewis & the Right Hands - Before the Sun Goes Down - The Golden West (Hightone)*
Supersuckers - Paid - Paid (Mid-Fi)*
Cracker - Lohnsome Johnny Blues - Kerosene Hat (Virgin)
George Jones - White Lightnin'
Blue Chieftains - Punk Rockin' Honky Tonk Girl

Dale Watson - Have You Got It On - The Truckin' Sessions (Koch)
Dale Watson - I Wish I was Crazy Again - Whiskey or God (Palo Duro)
Merle Haggard - I Miss the Missippi and You - the peer sessions (Koch)
Merle Haggard - Mule Skinner Blues - Same Train, a Different Time (Koch)
Justin Curtis - A Boy Named Sue - Talk Talk Talk (Lazy J)
Gunter Gabriel - Der Mann hinterm Pflug - The International Johnny Cash
Jonboy Landgord and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Tennessee Flattop Box - Explore the Dark and Lonely World of Johnny Cash (Bloodshot)
Tommy Little - High Geared Daddy - VA: Swingbillies (Ace)

Playlist - November 19, 2006

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New Music:
Blaze Foley and the Beaver Valley Boys - Cold, Cold, World (Lost Art)
Shortstack - The History of Cut Nails in America (Gypsy Eyes)

The Twang:
The Fly-Rite Boys - Straight-8 Boogie - Big Sandy Presents... (Hightone)
The Fly-Rite Boys - Rosetta - Big Sandy Presents... (Hightone)
Jeff Potter - Rhythm Riot - Rhythm Riot (Raucous)
Big Sandy - Spanish Dagger - Turntable Matinee (Yep Roc)*
Muck and the Mires - Don't Let Her Get Away - 1-2-3-4 (Dionysus)*
The Sadies w/Heavy Trash - Justine Alright - The Sadies in Concert (Yep Roc)*
Shortstack - Wiseblood - The History of Cut Nails in America (Gypsy Eyes)*
Blaze Foley - No Goodwill Stores in Waikiki - Cold, Cold World (Lost Art)*
Gurf Morlix - Yesterday She Didn't - Cut n' Shoot (Blue Corn)
Jim Lauderdale - Right Where You Want Me - Country Super Hits (Yep Roc)*
Trent Summar - Really Never Loved Her Anyway - Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (Palo Duro)*
The Fly-Rite Boys - Flyin' Rite - Big Sandy Presents... (Hightone)
Jeff Potter - I Don't Want to Go - Rhythm Riot (Raucous)
Lonesome Spurs - Trouble - Lonesome Spurs (Cleopatra)*
James McMurtry - Childish Things - Childish Things (Compadre)*
Guy Clark - Walkin' Man - Workbench Songs (Dualtone)*
The Sadies - Rat Creek - The Sadies in Concert (Yep Roc)*
Laurie Lewis & the Right Hands - 99 Year Blues - The Golden West (Hightone)*
The Three Pickers - Down in the Valley to Pray - The Three Pickers (Rounder)
Hem - I'll Dream of You Tonight - Funnel Cloud (Nettwerk)*
The Star Room Boys- Why Do Lonely Men and Women Break Each Other's Hearts? (Strictly Bush)
The Sadies - The Times Change - Tales of the Rat Fink (Yep Roc)*
The Jackie Frost Ensemble - O' Virginia - Cold Lonely Blues (Courthouse)*
Jim Lauderdale - I Met Jesus in a Bar - Country Super Hits (Yep Roc)*
Jim Lauderdale - Who's Leaving Who - Bluegrass (Yep Roc)*
Uncle Tupelo - True to Life - Still Feel Gone (Columbia)
Gob Iron - Wayside Tavern - Death Songs for the Living (Transmit)*
Charlie Pride - Kiss an Angel Good Morning - Country Legends (RCA) REQUEST
As a Tribute to Kirk Rundstrom, I played an extended set of Split Lip Rayfield tunes; I also have pictures from their Troubador show 11/18/06 that I'll put up soon.
Split Lip Rayfield - Easy Street - In the Mud (Bloodshot) 1999
Split Lip Rayfield - Never Make It Home - Never Make it Home (Bloodshot) 2001
Split Lip Rayfield - Hundred Dollar Bill - Should Have Seen it Coming (Bloodshot) 2004
Split Lip Rayfield - Outlaw - Split Lip Rayfield (Bloodshot) 1998
Hank Williams III - I'm the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised - VA: Touch My Heart (a Tribute to Johnny Paycheck) (Sugar Hill)
Jerry Reed - You Took All the Ramblin' Out of Me - The Essential Jerry Reed (RCA)
Jerry Reed - She Got the Goldmine, I Got the Shaft - The Essential Jerry Reed (RCA)

Playlist - November 12, 2006

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New Music:
The Jackie Frost Ensemble - Cold Lonely Blues (Courthouse)

The Twang:
Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys - Power of the 45 - Turntable Matinee (Yep Roc)*
Wayne Hancock - Tulsa - Tulsa (Bloodshot)*
Billy Jack Wills - Rock City Boogie - Billy Jack Wills & his Western Swing Band
Dave Stuckey & the Rhythm Gang - They Did the Boogie - Get a Load of This (HMG)
Marti Brom - Kiss Me Big - Feudin' and Fightin' (Goofin')
J.P. McDermott - Go Cat Go! - Last Fool Here (Shower Tone)
The Haywoods - You Burn Me Up - Drinkin' Cryin' and Moanin' (Wormtone)
Arsen Roulette - Gone Gone Gone - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Marti Brom - No Good Lover - Snake Ranch (Goofin')
Hank McCoy - Jealousy - Lately My Luck Has Been Changing (Normal)
Jim Lauderdale - I Met Jesus in a Bar - Country Super Hits (Yep Roc)*
Charley Pride - Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger - Country Legends (RCA)
Trent Summar - She Knows What To Do - Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (Palo Duro)*
Paul Burch - Daddy Rhythm Guitar - East to West (Bloodshot)
Muck and the Mires - You Better Write your Number Down - 1-2-3-4 (Dionysus)*
Lonesome Spurs - Big Wheel - Lonesome Spurs (Cleopatra)*
Marshall Chapman - Jesus Was a Capricorn - VA: The Pilgrim (American Roots)*
Dave Insley - God Loves the Working Man - Here with You Tonight (DIR)*
The Jackie Frost Ensemble - Just Around the Bend - Cold Lonely Blues (Courthouse)*
Riley Baugus - Willow Tree - Long Steel Rail (Sugar Hill)*
Gob Iron - Silicosis Blues - Death Songs for the Living (Transmit)*
Old Crow Medicine Show - Down Home Girl - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)*
Whiskey & Co. - Nightlife - Leaving the Nightlife (No Idea)*
Hem - The Pills Stopped Working - Funnel Cloud (Nettwerk)*
Tim Easton - Back to the Pain - Ammunition (New West)
Red Stick Ramblers - You're Got the Right Key, But the Wrong Keyhole - right key, wrong keyhole (Memphis)
Guy Clark - Cinco de Mayo in Memphis - Workbench Songs (Dualtone)*
Jim Lauderdale - Mighty Lonesome - Bluegrass (Yep Roc)*
Jerry Reed - When You're Hot, You're Hot - The Essential Jerry Reed (RCA) REQUEST
Jerry Reed - She Got the Goldmine - The Essential Jerry Reed (RCA) REQUEST
The Sadies - The Starlight - Tales of the Rat FInk (Yep Roc)*
Arsen Roulette - Gone Crazy - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)* REQUEST
The Heymakers - If You're Thinkin' - Making Hey (Haystack)
The Meat Purveyors - Don't You Want Me Baby - Someday Soon... (Bloodshot)*
The Sadies w/Neko Case - Hold On, Hold On - The Sadies In Concert (Yep Roc)*

Playlist - November 5, 2006

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h80137sojco.jpg h70083lpkji.jpg
New Music:
Gob Iron - Death Songs for the Living (Transmit) - A collaboration between Anders Parker (Varnaline) and Jay Farrar (Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt), I'm loving this and I've only heard the first minute of each song. Dark and Twangy - think Uncle Tupelo meets the Handsome Family.

Muck and the Mires - 1-2-3-4 (Dionysus)- is calling this garage rock, but I hear Elvis Costello and The Everly Brothers, mixed with the Ramones. Did I mention I like this record?

The Twang:
Fly-Boys - Laguna Sunset - Big Sandy Presents... (Hightone)
Big Sandy - The Great State of Misery - Turntable Matinee (Yep Roc)*
Arsen Roulette - Gone Crazy - The Lost Recordings (El Toro)*
Wayne Hancock - Let's Have a Party - VA: Hard Headed Woman (Bloodshot)
Lil Luis y Los Wild Teens - Rip It, Rip it Up - Rip it Up! (Wild Teen)
Lil Luis y Los Wild Teens - Delincuente - Rip it Up! (Wild Teen)
Flametrick Subs - Uranium Rock - Voodoo Doo (Texas Lizard)
The Cramps - Bop Pills - Stay Sick! (Enigma)
S.C.O.T.S. - Learned to Dance in Missippi - Liquored Up and Lacquered Down (EMusic)
Andre Williams - She's a Bag of Potato Chips - Red Dirt (Bloodshot)
The Cowslingers - Off the Wagon - Off the Wagon and Back in the Saddle (Drink n' Drive)
Ditchdiggers - Daddy Made a Farmer - Light and Salvation (Ditchdigger)
Reverend Horton Heat - Wiggle Stick - The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds (Sub Pop)
Graveyard Farmers - Formaldehyde - The Graveyard Farmers (AAD)
The Sadies - The 3-B - Tales of the Rat Fink (Yep Roc)*
Chicken Coupe De Ville - Since Yer Gone - Drinkin Songs and Smokin' Guitars
Crank Tones - Blue Moon Baby - Vibrate with the Crank Tones! (Rhubarb)
The Spanic Boys - Cry Baby Cry - Early Spanic Boys (Rounder)
Muck and the Mires - Don't Let Her Get Away - 1-2-3-4 (Dionysus)*
The Sadies - The Matador - Tales of the Rat Fink (Yep Roc)*
Scott H. Biram - You Gotta Move - Lo-fi Mojo (Knuckle Sandwich)
Paul Burch - I'm Takin it Home - East to West (Bloodshot)*
Mike West - Talk Radio - The Man Who Could Fall Backwards (Squirrel)
Old Crow Medicine Show - New Virginia Creeper - Big Iron World (Nettwerk)*
Jim Lauderdale - Who's Leaving Who - Bluegrass (Yep Roc)*
Joe West and the Sinners - Jamie Was a Boozer (self)
The Sadies - The Mohawk - Tales of the Rat Fink (Yep Roc)*
Wayne Hancock - Gonna Be Flyin' Tonight - Tulsa (Bloodshot)*
Gene O'Quin - It's No Use Talkin' Baby - VA: Hillbilly Music (Capitol)
Wailin' Jennies - Things that You Know - Firecracker (Red House)*
Whiskey & Co. - One Man (Too Many) - Leaving the Nightlife (No Idea)*
Gob Iron - Nicotine Blues - Death Songs for the Living (Transmit)
Hem - Funnel Cloud - Funnel Cloud (Nettwerk)*
Freakwater - Drunk Friend - Feels like the Third Time (Thrill Jockey)*
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Mother's Daughter - Jesus Let Me Down (Smooch)
Clem Snide - I Can't Stay Here Tonight - You Were a Diamond (Tractor Beam)

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