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The Holidays

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What's the best thing about the holidays? Well, for me, it's seeing friends I might only see once a year and catching up. It's also having some time off to CRAFT, which is my other passion outside of music.

If you like crafting, visit Alpha Stamps, probably the most creative site I have found for all things crafty. They have collage sheets and stamps that are truly out of the norm.

Also, they are doing some FABULOUS give aways during the holidays, so visit early and often. You'll be glad you did!

What Punk Rock Front Man Are You?

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So, I took this quiz back in 2004, and I just took it again. And I got the SAME results as then! It totally works!

Which punk rock god are you?

You are Mike Ness, the frontman from Social Distortion. You're a man's man who loves everything manly, like drinking, fighting, tattooes, man-pants, and Johnny Cash.
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Best of 2005

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As I review the albums of 2005, I noticed that a lot of my favorites were really from the later part of 2004, so I'm including a belated Best of 2004:

Blasters - 4-11-44 (Rainman)
Neko Case - The Tigers Have Spoken (Anti)
Dusty 45s - Devil Takes His Turn (self)
Buddy Miller - Universal United House of Prayer (New West)
Buddy & Julie Miller - Love Snuck Up (Hightone)
Split Lip Rayfield - Should Have Seen it Coming (Bloodshot)
Dexter Romweber - Blues that Defy My Soul (YepRoc)
VA: Hard Headed Woman - a tribute to Wanda Jackson (Bloodshot)
(in no particular order, listed alphabetically)

Best of 2005
Gene Autry - Essential Gene Autry (Columbia/Sony) 2-cd set
Scott Biram - Dirty Old One Man Band (Bloodshot)
Heavy Trash - Heavy Trash (YepRoc)
Hillstomp - One Word (self produced)
Hillstomp - The Woman That Ended the World (self)
Cari Lee & the Contenders - Scorched (Star-Tone)
Lucky Stars - Stay Out Late (Fate)
Red Stick Ramblers - Right Key, Wrong Keyhole (Memphis)

The Musical Baton

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Ms. Jen passed the musical baton to me, so here goes...

Total volume of music files on my computer: I don't even know how to compute this, or why I would want to. I don't download music into my computer. I don't listen to music on my computer. I don't want to store music in my computer. I have compression issues. When my laptop plays vinyl, we'll talk.

Last CD I bought: Probably the three Scott Biram cds I bought at his shows, at the same time that I bought the Flametrick Subs album (although that was an older live recording). Before that, I bought the Anubian Lights cd while I was in Austin at SXSW. Although I don't buy a lot of cds because so many come to the station, I do have a short list of cds that I'm planning to buy at Amoeba as soon as I get the time. Those include: Shortstack (Planaria), The Avett Brothers Live Vol. 2 (Ramseur), and the Gene Autry double cd set (Columbia).

Song playing right now: Nothing right now. I listen to so much music at the station, that I frequently take a break at home. I also don't listen to the radio too much in the car. Talk radio upsets me, and the quality of music on the radios these days is horrific. That being said, the last thing I listened to in the car was a one-man-band cd that Wes gave me. It's great! but I can't remember the name of it!

Five songs I listen to a lot these days: I have a stack of cds that I am listening to for the station; the majority of these are crap, I'm telling you now. That's what drives me right back to the few songs that I can't do without:

1) Miss Peggy Lee - Fever (remix) - This is the most awesome techno remix of Peggy Lee's "Fever" ever! It gets me all happy driving in the car, doing housework, cleaning catboxes, whatever. Highly recommended.

2) Pink Martini - Never Stop Falling in Love - This is the most beautiful of songs with a lot of swirly harp music and full strings. I sing this song to my cat. It goes like this, "I know a falling star can't fall forever/ But let's never, stop falling in love." Very romantic.

3) Pink Martini - Hang on Little Tomato - I find this song inspirational. It was actually written from an old Heinz tomato ketchup ad, but I think of it in the most Christian sense, about Christ being the Vine, and His followers struggling to stay on the vine. The lyrics are about a little tomato that feels like he'll never be grown, but the song encourages him to hang on to the vine. Words to live by.

4) Anubian Lights - What a Bagdhad Had - This is a good song to work out to - techno mixed with Middle Eastern beats. Very cool and motivating.

5) The Staple Singers - Respect Yourself - I love this song and I play it when I feel a little down. It has an infectious groove that just gets you going, and really positive lyrics. Respect yourself.


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There are quite a few weblogs that I enjoy - chief among them, of course - and then of course, and, two of the biggest time sucks ever!

Lately I've also been enjoying MollyGoLightly and Dr. Frank's What's-it, two intelligent sites by folks from the Bay Area. Both seem somewhat dismayed at the response of their fellow Bay Area liberals to the election:

From MollyGoLightly:
"I am definitely giving Fat Mike the finger. In the past year, he went from showing that not all punks are jerks, to being a mouthpiece for jerks. Message to Fat Mike: not everyone from the South is a fag-basher, just as not everyone in the record industry is a money-grubber, nor is every punk rock kid a waste of space. Maybe you regret saying what you did to the reporter. You blew it, man."

And from Dr. Frank's What's-it:
"Another thing I noticed is that, when discussing our Red State fellow-citizens, we Bay Areans tend to adopt this weird accent, part Jed Clampett, part Amos 'n' Andy, part Gomer Pyle, part Hee Haw, and part retard. We imagine the Red State People going around saying things like "I hates me sum libruls," and "I jes gots ta keel me sum Ay-rabs," and "hey, paw, looky here, Jebus done tole me the homos is evil." Maybe it really is like that, for all I know. If so, I can see why people find it so disturbing that there appear to be more of them than there are of us. No wonder our guy didn't win. Why can't we all be smart and good, and speak properly?"

You know, I knew there was a reason I just didn't like the Bay Area! Say what you will about Southern California (and believe me, they say a lot), some people just don't have a sense of humor. Dr. Frank's photo collage of post-election signs is also worth checking out.

Jen challenged me to find out which candidate I was with this quiz. I am quite surprised to find that....

I'm John Kerry!
Which Presidential Candidate Are You?
Rung from Rum and Monkey's very own liberty bell.

Halloween! October 31, 2004

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I am home sick, so no Howdylicious! tonight. Listen in at KUCI for a special Halloween story and spooky music instead...

My Life as a Dog?


Supposedly, this is how I would behave as an animal, based on my star sign. I am a fish, but some people say I'm more like a female dog. Grrrr....


-- Is extraordinarily gentle ---- Appears to sense owner's thoughts and feelings ---- Possesses something of a mystical quality ---- Is extremely affectionate ---- Would rather be inside than outside ---- Lovingly tolerates other pets within the household ---- Prefers not to engage in boisterous activities ---- Sleeps a great deal of the time –

Little Angus.JPG

My cat, Angus, is an Aries. If he were an animal, instead of a fur angel, here's how he'd behave... it's all true!

-- Possesses an enormous amount of energy ---- Prefers to be alone rather than associate with other animals ---- Very insistent on what is wanted and outwardly expresses same ---- Often hits or cuts head and/or gets burrs or thistles in head area ---- Often projects head forward and/or makes unnecessary motions with head ---- Does not always obey and/or is difficult to discipline ---- Bleeds easily ---- Has reddish hue to skin tone or fur which is not necessarily characteristic of species or breed ---- Enjoys fighting with other animals and is known to instigate confrontations ---- Has bitten owner more than once --

Take the quiz: "Based on your star sign, how would you act as an animal? (Great Pictures)"


DJ Dan Dynotone will be at the super swanky Continental Room Thursday June 24th from 10pm till 1am, spinning ALL types of music from the 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's.

I'll be joining Dan as a special guest so don't miss it!

The Continental Room is located at: 115 W. Santa Fe Ave Fullerton, CA

Admission is free!

21 & over

Henry Rollins on KUCI 88.9fm

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rollinspic1.jpg rollinspic2.jpg rollinspic3.jpg

Thursday, June 24 8-9am, KUCI's "Justice, or Just Us?" will feature a one-hour interview with HENRY ROLLINS (Black Flag, Rollins Band) upon his return from Iraq and Afghanistan as an "embedded" guest. Always opinionated and outspoken, Henry Rollins cannot be pigeonholed as liberal or conservative, lefty or libertarian. Hear his firsthand account of the war on terror and decide for yourself.

Access KUCI 88.9fm worldwide at

Howdylicious! is a radio show broadcast by DJ Wanda on KUCI 88.9 FM, Sundays 8-10pm - featuring rockabilly, psychobilly, alt-country, and old time western music.

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